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Student of the Month

(October 2023) Rabbani MD Golam (Department of Agriculture and Industries)

  • 작성자 국제교류처
  • 작성일 2023.10.18
  • 조회 144

Q1. What do you consider your biggest challenges while living in Korea?

The temperature can be extreme especially when it snows. It sometimes made the environment feel uncomfortable. Another challenge is the language barrier. While I tried to communicate with others to increase my knowledge of Korean, the lack of language comprehension prevented me from effectively doing so.

Q2. Could you tell us what kind of place or meaning KNU holds in your life?

The vibrant and picturesque views of KNU are really impressive. The reading environment and broad educational resources of “Mirae Library” especially inspired me for my future scholastic endeavors.

 Q3.  What is your goal, or what would you like to achieve this year, hopefully?

Every day, I continuously acquire new practical knowledge through my lab work at KNU which makes my hunger for agricultural knowledge even greater. This year, I want to complete my master’s degree successfully. 

Q4. What advice would you give to students who are interested in studying in Korea?

To acquire a higher degree abroad, specifically in Korea, one should properly prepare for the admission process. There are a lot of things to be considered, personally, I think considering what you want to do for research is important.

Once you pass, building a good relationship with the university’s Office of International Affairs (OIA) is helpful as an international student. KNU’s OIA has dedicated staff that helps with students’ concerns.

Q5. What new habits or hobbies have you developed while staying in Korea?  

I was not familiar with Korean cuisine when I initially arrived. However, after living here for some time, I have already become genuinely accustomed to Korean cuisine. It tastes great and is highly nourishing.

As for my hobbies, I have taken up skating (which was a long-held ambition of mine to do). With the aid of KNU skating club members, I am currently practicing skating on a regular basis, and I am really glad with this development.