Kangwon National University’s Division of Language Education.

Campus Facility

Campus Facility

Kangwon National Universicy Hospital

Central Museum

The College Health Center



Students are able to study in the library and barrow books with their School ID number.
Library Spring&Fall 09 : 00 ∼ 18 : 00 Closed
Barrowing books 09:00 ~ 20:30 Barrowing books 09:00 ~ 12:30 (Except for holidays)
Summer & Winter 09 : 00 ∼ 18 : 00 Closed
Study Room Winter season 06 : 00 ∼ 24 : 00 (Nov. 1st ~ Feb. 28th, holiday included)
Summer season 05 : 00 ∼ 24 : 00 (Mar. 1st ~ Oct. 31st, holiday included)
The College Health Center
The College Health Center is a comprehensive health management organization established for students' health management, in-school environmental hygiene management, and health education.
At the College Health Center, students can consult about various health questions and receive medical consultations when they are sick.
  • Location : 1st floor of 나래관
  • Phone number : 033)250-8091
  • Cafeteria & Store

    천지관 학생식당 1st floor of 천지관 Korean food, Western food, Snack, etc.
    백록관 학생식당 1st floor of 백록관 Korean food, Chinese food, Western food, Snack, etc.
    교직원 식당 1st floor of 천지관
    1st floor of 백록관
    Korean food, etc.
    석재매장 식당 4th floor of 석재센터 Kim-bab, Korean food, Chinese food, Western food, etc.
    천지관 매점 1st floor of 천지관 Snack, beverage, goods
    백록관 매점 1st floor of 백록관 Snack, beverage, goods, delivery service
    60주년 매점 60주년기념관 Snack, beverage, goods
    동생대매점 In front of동생대1호관 Snack, beverage, goods
    백령마트 1st floor of 친환경연구센터 Snack, beverage, goods
    석재매점 4th floor of 석재신소재센터 Snack, beverage, goods
    Mom’s Touch 2nd floor of 천지관 Fast-food, coffee, ice-cream, etc.
    Café mountain 60주년 기념관 Coffee, ice-cream, beverage, etc.
    Café mountain In front of 농생대 Coffee, ice-cream, beverage, etc.
    Rest-area for girls 2nd floor of 천지관 Rest-area for girls