Kangwon National University’s Division of Language Education.

Dormitory Regulations

Dormitory Regulations

Living on campus dormitory can be a great way to make new friends and learn to be on your own. But with freedom comes responsibility, including following the housing rules and regulations laid out by the university. We are maintained for students of all nations, races, and beliefs. These rules and regulations have been set for the purpose of promoting the convenience, security, and welfare of the residents of our dormitory, and to protect the dormitory’s property from misuse and abuse. Any violations against the rules and regulations will result in penalties as follows.
1. Getting infected by Hepatitis or any form of Infectious disease. To be dismissed from the dormitory
2.  Getting an academic warning grade (less than 1.75)
3.  Being suspended from school for a specified period of time or submitted to a more severe disciplinary measure
4.  Letting a non-resident or opposite gender stay overnight
5.  Engaging in any conduct of excessive drinking, violence, theft, gambling, Sexual Harassment and arson (No empty bottle accepted)
6.  Smoking in the dormitory (Entire Area)
7.  Making an Intentional destruction of dormitory facilities(Scribbling, nails, Stickers, etc.)
8.  Letting a person of opposite gender inside his/her room and floor
9.  Changing rooms without the required permission
10.  Smoking inside the dormitory
11.  Not following the directions of the university staff -1 ~ Expulsion
12.  Curfew Violation (01:00~05:00)(Except for graduate students)/Illegal Access -3 point
13.  Damaging or making alterations to dormitory property (Scribbling, nails, Stickers, etc.) -3 point
(must pay for damage or loss)
14.  Making excessive noise or taking any actions that disturb other residents -3 point
15.  Bringing in or using electric products including all types of electric heaters (mat, cushion, etc.), stove, refrigerator, rice cooker, TV, iron and burner. -5 point
16.  Cooking in the dormitory -5 ~ Expulsion
17.  Card Key(Key) Loss/Rental(Lack of Responsibility, Failure to Comply) -0.5 point
(must pay for loss)
18.  Disturbing neighbors after excessive drinking -3 point
19.  Misuse of Computer Room(Game, Chatting, Shopping) -2 point
20.  Not attending orientation and roll call -3 point
21.  Letting in non-residents at his/her discretion -5 point
22.   Leaving the dormitory in an untidy condition, and leaving personal things when they move out -5 point
(Left things will be thrown away)
23.  Illegal dumping of garbage -3 point
24.   Not turning in their certificate of health. -3 point
(Expulsion after the second chance)
25.  Ordering food during Curfew or Roll Call -2 point

Roll Call

  • During the first week of the month every Monday night at 11 pm, we will have a Roll Call in the hallway.
  • The purpose is:
  • - to establish who is present
  • - to deliver announcements from the dormitory
  • - to check on the cleanliness of the rooms (and also if there are any prohibited items)
  • If you are not there for roll call, you will get one penalty point.
  • Anyone with 10 or more penalty points will be expelled from the dormitory.
  • Policy for Using the Facilities

  • Take off your shoes when inside a room.
  • Keep the building and classrooms clean.
  • Keep the water machine clean.
  • When you use the laundry machine, make sure it is empty. Do not use the machine if you see another person’s laundry in the machine.
  • Code of Conduct for Public Areas (The Dorm)

  • Please do not hang around on a floor of the opposite gender after 10pm. (If you are a male, you should leave a female floor before 10pm. If you are a female, you should leave a male floor before 10 pm.)
  • Please do not invite your girlfriend or boyfriend to flirt or engage in inappropriate behavior in your room.
  • No sexual abuse or harassment. (ex. seducing, tempting, staring at a girl or boy, talking with your friends in your first language or a different language.)
  • Please dress appropriately. We don’t recommend showing too much skin.
  • Registering Your Fingerprint

  • First, you must register your fingerprint at the SECOM office which is located in the basement of the University Headquarter building.
  • After registering, you should scan your fingerprint at the dorm entrance in order to enter.