Kangwon National University’s Division of Language Education.

TOPIK Test Info

Introduction to the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK)

  • Organized by the Ministry of Education
  • National Institute for International Education
  • Who Takes the TOPIK? What is the general purpose of the test?

  • This test is for anyone who doesn’t speak Korean as their language. This includes Koreans who are overseas and foreign Korean language-learners. As students expand their knowledge of the language, the test also allows them to track their progress.
  • The test measures students’ proficiency in Korean. The results may be used to enter a university, including graduate school, and/or to get a job.
  • Why take the TOPIK? How can I use my test results?

  • You can use your results:
  •  · To apply for and obtain government scholarship(s) and foreign certification(s)
     · To study at a higher education institution (undergraduate or graduate school) in Korea. This includes foreigners or Koreans who lived overseas and completed 12 years of education in a foreign country.
     · To add a work visa and/or be hired by a Korean company
     · To be approved for a medical license in Korea if the test taker has a foreign medical license
     · To obtain a Korean language teaching license (2-3 level), which would allow a foreigner to teach Korean
     · To get permanent residency
     · To apply for a spousal visa 

    2020 year Test Schedule

    Test date Jan.12(Sun) May.24(Sun) Jul.12(Sun) Aug.23(Sun) Oct.18(Sun) Nov.15(Sun)

    Application period

    The 68th 9:00 Dec. 10(Tue), 2019 - 18:00 Dec. 16(Mon), 2019 (for 7 days)
    The 69th 9:00 Jan. 31(Fri), 2020 - 18:00 Feb. 6(Thu), 2020 (for 7 days)
    9:00 Mar. 23(Mon), 2020 - 18:00 Mar. 27(Fri), 2020 (for 5 days)
    The 70th 9:00 May. 29(Fri), 2020 - 18:00 Jun. 4(Thu), 2020 (for 7 days)
    The 71st 9:00 Jul. 3(Fri), 2020 - 18:00 Jul. 8(Wed), 2020 (for 6 days)
    The 72nd 9:00 Aug. 4(Tue), 2020 - 18:00 Aug.10(Mon), 2020 (for 7 days)
    The 73rd 9:00 Sep. 8(Tue), 2020 - 18:00 Sep.14(Mon), 2020 (for 7 days)

    Results days(2020year)

    Results days Feb. 5 Jun. 30 Aug. 20 Sep. 29 Nov. 26 Dec. 24
    You can check your score(Grade) after 3pm on the day of release of test result
  • How to Get Your Test Results

  • Access the Homepage: www.topik.go.kr - [나의 시험정보 My Test Results] - [성적확인 Result Verification] Click confirm at that menu.
  • ※ At the website, to get your results, you will need your test number, application number, and your birthdate.
  • ※ For overseas applications, go to the www.topik.go.kr and confirm the results yourself
  • Test timetable

    Generally the Beginner level test (TOPIK-I) is held in the morning and Intermediate-Advanced level test (TOPIK-II) in the afternoon. TOPIK-I is a 100 minutes test (40 minutes for Listening section and 60 minutes for Reading section) and will be finished in 1 session. TOPIK – II is a 3 a 3-hour exam, which is split into two sessions with a short break in between. The first session paper (110 minutes) consists of two sections: Listening and Writing and the second session paper (70 minutes) has one section – Reading.
    TOPIK 1
    Beginner(Level 1-2)
    1st Listening
    09:20 10:00 11:40 100
    TOPIK 2 1st Listening
    12:20 13:00 14:50 110
    2nd Reading 15:10 15:20 16:30 70