Kangwon National University’s Division of Language Education


Welcome to the D.L.E
Kangwon National University's
Division of Language Education .

Since 1970, the Division of Language Education (D.L.E) has been providing language instruction, assessment, and resources to support the academic and professional success of non-native speakers of Korean or English, pursuing a degree at Kangwon National University.
Communicating effectively is essential to your success as a university student or a top professional. To read, write and speak the language fluently is vital to academic and professional success. Therefore, all international students whose native language is not Korean must demonstrate Korean proficiency to ensure academic success at Kangwon National University.

On the other hand, Korean students who proceed to their profession must demonstrate English language proficiency to ensure professional success that involves reading, writing and speaking the language for international communication.

International language instruction at D.L.E includes more languages such as Chinese, Japanese, French, etc. Some D.L.E courses are available for prospective international students and citizens.
Dr.Jin Woo Jhoo
Director of Division of Language Education , KNU.